WS Usability Study - Sliding Window and Multiview features


Completely list of tasks:

Task 1
Feel free to spend a few moments looking through the IDE and arrange its layout what you like.

Task 2
Now create a simple Java application with name Test.
This application should display text "Hello World" in the Output window.

Task 3
Create a new Form file with name Dialog1, change its layout to FlowLayout and add one Swing and one AWT button into main area of dialog.
Change the name of the first button to Swing and second name to AWT.

Task 4
Look at the code for this dialog, which was generated by IDE automatically.
Create a method showText(String) for displaying text in the Output window and call this method after initialization of components with string "STARTED".

Task 5
Switch back into Design mode and add EventHandlers, which will display names for each buttons in console and use the method mentioned above.
Then Compile and run Project to test its functionality.

Task 6
Try to minimize all windows (except the Editor window) to the same state like the Component Palette was.

Task 7
Move minimized Files window from one to the second edgebar.

Task 8
Please repeat the Task 6 and 7 just with using of keyboard.
Try to switch to the code (design) in the Editor window by using keyboard.





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