Alert Messages in the Status-line

Author: Rudolf Bock
Version: 1.0

Dates: March 18th, 2005

NetBeans communicating with user trough dialogs and status-lines. Important messages or questions are communicated via Alert dialogs or Confirmation dialogs. Less important messages are displayed in the status-line. Even if in the IDE are more than one status-lines and each of them is used for different communication, all should behave in the same way and all of them should use similar phraseology. This specification care about alert messages. How they should be displayed in status-lines.

Windows XP MacOS X JDS on Solaris 10

Alert messages in the status-line are the only one kind, which is displayed in a inverted color scheme - using light font color on a darker background.
Alert messages using the default typeface (not a bold or italic typeface). The text is displayed in white on a red background.

This color combination is readable on all platforms, on a various display devices and it's not disturbing as much as the true red (#FF0000).

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