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Please remember to think aloud about following tasks in this way:

  • What task you are going to solve
  • How you understand that task
  • How and in which way you solve that task in IDE


Task 1

Feel free to spend a few moments looking through the IDE. Please remember to think aloud while you browse.

Objective: User takes note of Refactoring menu and actions hidden inside by first observation of IDE.


Task 2

Now create a simple application with name Hello in the prepared package org.coders.games.
Then application should write text "Hello" into Output window.

Objective: Only check if user understand Edit/Compile/Run cycle importantly for nexts tasks.


Task 3

Java application with name Hello rename to HelloCoders and test its functionality.


  • Check user's method of renaming (manually or by refactoring Rename).
  • Check typical place for invocation of Rename action


Task 4

You have changed your opinion and now try to find a way, how to put back the name HelloCoders to the name Hello.
Create the new package org.coders.test and move previous file Hello.java into it.
Then compile it and test if it is still fully functional.


  • First we would like to know, whether user could find Refactoring Undo action.
  • Then we need to know how and if user distinguishes between Editor Undo and Refactor Undo.
  • We check how user moves one class to another package (manually by Copy+Paste, by D&D or by Move class refactoring action).


Task 5

Your colleague have showed you two direstories ( ui a lib at this path C:\toys ) with code of simple game with name Anagram.
Copy both directories with their content to the directory C:\work\org\coders\ and then restart the IDE.
Java application Anagram was created by your colleague for another company Toys. That is why packages inside have names org.toys.lib and org.toys.ui.
Open file WordLibrary.java and find all  vyhledej všechny výskyty elementu Toys.
Then repair structure of code and test application Anagram by compilation.


  • First we would like to know whether user uses Where Usages action and Rename action or makes all changes manually in this bigger project.
  • We observe the invocation place for Rename action too.


Taks 6

Now you should move and merge all classes from direstories ui a lib into directory games, which is part of package org.coders.games.
Then repair structure of code and test it (compile and run Anagram application).


  • We would like to know whether user uses Move class action and in which way in this bigger project with more classes.


Task 7

Add additional functionality to the Anagram game. It should count number of failing attemptes ant this number should be shown along with message "Incorrect! Try again!". Use existing field int badGuess, which you can find in Anagrams.java.
Then create getter and setter for field badGuess.
Test complete application at the end.


  • We test whether user uses (and how exactly) Encapsualte Fields action or writes all code manually.
  • We observe if he understand Preview in Output too.


Task 8

It's neccessary to organize structure of one bigger java project and this arid work have hit upon you.
All it's about package C:\work1\org\netbeans\modules\classfile.
Rename Classfile.java to CFile.java in a way, that code will be functional (compilable) still.
Then test it by building of all package.


  • We test whether user uses Rename and Where Used actions in the case of more bigger package then in previous tasks.
  • Preview in the Output window contains more information, so we need to know if user understand it easily.


Taks 9

The mistake in a comunication with your colleague have brought misunderstanding and it's neccessary to put back name Classfile.java instead of CFile.java.
And then rename ClassName.java to CName.java.
Then build all package.
Find all occurencies of element CName


  • Testing of usages refactoring Undo action or reverse Rename action.
  • We test Where Used action too.


Task 10

Change order of parametres by method arrayToString(String name, Object[] array) in file ClassFile.


  • Test usage of Change Method Parameters action.



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